Fulbright Neuropsychology

Fulbright Neuropsychology is a private neuropsychology clinic specialized in evaluating and rehabilitating those with brain impairment of a wide variety.


We provide neuropsychological evaluation, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, and adjustment counseling (therapy aimed at easing adjustment to brain impairment) for patients with a spectrum of conditions.

Dr. Fulbright established his solo private practice in 1987.  By 1994, he had expanded the practice into a clinic model with a larger staff who could provide a wider range of services, including more systematic cognitive rehabilitation therapy.  Over time, Fulbright & Associates has evolved into a skilled team of neuropsychology professionals who collaborate to provide comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological services to our patients.  With the addition of Dr. Traci Rosvall, we can provide a wider range of services to our clients. Through the years we have continued to maintain a high standard of practice, personalized care, and responsiveness to our patient's needs.

It is our mission to provide not only evaluation services, but also to provide our patients with intervention that will help them manage their cognitive, behavioral, academic, and adjustment difficulties in the most adaptive and independent manner.