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Fulbright Neuropsychology

Dedicated to treating and understanding the variety of changes that can result from brain impairment.

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Fulbright Neuropsychology

Fulbright Neuropsychology is a private neuropsychology clinic specialized in evaluating and rehabilitating those with brain impairment of a wide variety.


We provide neuropsychological evaluation, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, and adjustment counseling (therapy aimed at easing adjustment to brain impairment) for patients with a spectrum of conditions...

Fax 972-250-1710

17000 Preston Road, Suite 350

Dallas, TX 75248



Dr. Rosvall is absolutely AMAZING! She is compassionate, caring, and concerned about her patients' overall well being. She was extremely thorough during my evaluation which allowed her to accurately diagnose the issues that I am dealing with. She is incredibly empathetic which means the world when life's challenges are overwhelming. She carefully listened to EVERYTHING I explained to her. Her bedside manner is fantastic. I will be forever grateful for her exceptional commitment to finding a solution to ensure that her patient's lives are positively impacted by her treatment. If you are in need of an incredible doctor, look no further: Dr. Rosvall is terrific!

I can't say where I would be today without his knowledge or staff that walked me through the process of recovery after brain trauma. Went in last week for a followup and was reminded how far I'd come. Hearing my diagnosis was painful. Cognitive therapy was always challenging. Creating a new life with the tools he provided was often complicated, but I promise IT WORKS. Living my best life and Dr Fulbright is a big part of that. Forever grateful and always growing in ways I never thought possible.

Dr Fulbrights entire office is amazing. I had all day evaluations twice and was always treated with complete respect and felt very comfortable during testing. His evaluations were obviously done with great care and it was obvious that he had researched all possible causes for my problem. The office personnel always went above and beyond in addressing my needs. If your lucky enough to visit his office, I hope that you get to meet Cosmo the star of the office. He will put a smile on your face.

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We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the individual's brain functioning by testing a wide spectrum of cognitive abilities with a variety of standardized measures. The evaluation report illuminates areas of cognition which are impaired and predicts how these deficits are likely to affect day-to-day life at home, work, or school. This information is essential for determining the individual's cognitive status and serves as the basis for decision making and for developing rehabilitation treatment plan.

Cognitive rehabilitation therapy is treatment to help the individual learn to maximize brain functioning following a brain injury. This type of treatment targets abilities such as attention, thinking speed, memory, problem solving abilities, language abilities, and self-monitoring by using therapy tasks designed specifically to improve these areas of functioning.

Supportive adjustment counseling is critical to a successful adaptation to the consequences of brain injury. We provide the individual and the family with accurate information about issues related to brain injury and how best to cope with changes. Individual, family, and/or group adjustment counseling usually take place on a once-a-week basis as an essential element of the client's rehabilitation program.

Insurance companies, managed care companies, Workers' Compensation, and Social Security can be confusing to those unfamiliar with their systems of operation. We provide case management services to assist our patients in:

  • verifying insurance benefits

  • providing necessary documentation to payers and agencies

  • communicating with employers

  • communicating with attorneys

  • coordinating with the Texas Workforce Solutions (vocational rehabilitation arm of Texas Workforce Commission

  • accessing other professionals and community resources

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